Life Lesson #22: If the shoe doesn’t fit, it’s not worth it, even if its name is Jimmy Choo.

Before I begin a lesson provided to me by my Jimmy Choo pumps (soon to be my Jimmy Choo pumps for sale on ebay), it would probably be best if you knew a little about me.  I am a Shopaholic.  No, not the cute kind that appears in a movie and lives happily ever after by the time the credits roll.  IF only it were that simple.  Mine is the kind that now relies on a support group to keep me out of trouble.  You could say that shopping is my drug of choice.  Some people use alcohol, drugs, food, people but for me it’s that shiny new purchase.
Unlike most substance abuse, getting over this drug is a little bit different – is it realistic for me to go cold turkey, can I just never shop again, who would do the groceries, would i need to designate my husband as the shopper and never make a transaction as long as I live?  These are not very realistic options, so what do I do?  Like I mentioned, I attend a twelve step support group, consult weekly with an amazing therapist and I journal.  The journaling is what inspired me to put it out on a blog.  The struggle with my addiction would be a total loss if I didn’t learn something from it, right?  This blog is dedicated to the lessons I’m learning about life, fashion and personal style that have arrived after many a costly mistake and nearly losing all that is dear to me.
I am whether by nature or the passage of time, a self-proclaimed judge of aesthetically pleasing things.  You may not always agree with me for I have my very own set of tastes and opinions but I consider that I see beauty, art and inspiration in a wide assortment of objects and the way they are created – clothing, shoes, houses, music.  You get the idea – my tastes are wide and varied.
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#22.  This past year I lost  quite a bit of weight, and started to feel really good about myself – physically and mentally.  I’ve heard it said, that food doesn’t taste as good as skinny feels.  It’s true.  A healthier and skinnier me felt so much better and when I started my new job, I needed new clothes to match my healthier frame.  The great thing was that I already had great shoes and handbags because in the throes of my addiction and feeling less than, shoes and handbags were there for me.  They don’t care how much weight you gain, they always look good!  Enter Jimmy Choo.  I love the idea of a Jimmy Choo shoe, who wouldn’t?  In my mind they are a status symbol and were sure to garner interest and instant acclaim from anyone that knows fashion or has watched Sex and the City.  So of course I had to own a pair.  They are a modest pair of black pumps, classic but not lacking in designer appeal.   I wore them to work the other day and guess what, they no longer fit!  They fell off every time I took a step.  I looked like a total idiot walking through the parking lot trying to keep the shoes on my feet.  I can only picture what I must have looked like – a smart dressed business woman walking like a robot, taking one awkward step at a time.  As soon as I got into the building, I stuffed them with paper towels in the privacy of a bathroom stall so I could wear them the rest of the day.  All so I could say I am a fashionable person because I own a designer pair of shoes.  Silly.  It doesn’t matter, if the shoe doesn’t fit, it doesn’t matter if its name is Jimmy Choo.  Fashion is only good when it can be worn well.  I can’t appreciate a shoe that doesn’t fit and no one can appreciate a shoe when they are so distracted by the idiot walking in the parking lot.

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