Different like Coco: My Opinion on Boucle Skirt Suits

In life, you can’t help but be opinionated.  I mean, you should have some thoughts on any given topic – it makes for good conversation, debate and even the opportunity to learn something new.  When it comes to personal preferences, like what you should eat, wear or even what music you listen to – sometimes opinions can almost become our truth, our gospel according to me.  Some people are able to relay their truth without being obnoxious and then some have a hard time holding back.  I try to be less obnoxious, but sometimes my passionate opinions are just too much to hold in.  Take burritos for example, I love a Freebird burrito and no one can change that, but sometimes I go a little overboard professing how disgusting and inconceivable it would be to eat a burrito crafted by any other food chain.  I admit, it’s a little overboard and I’ve been told, a little obnoxious.

So it is with fashion designers.  I am extremely passionate about some designers and less so about others.  Maybe obsessive is the right word, but that’s beside the point.  Chanel, you could say, falls into the less so category.  I’m not sure why I feel this way – the norm dictates otherwise.  Chanel is classic, critically acclaimed and has proven itself in more than just its clothing line.  But still, I have always had a strong distaste for those boucle skirt suits and quilted handbags.  Since I give little attention to the brand, why would I consider even looking into the story of the founder, right? However, my strong distaste and resolute opinion were recently attacked by a children’s book.

I love reading and hope to pass this on to my daughter.  I’m always on the lookout for good books.  This is how I ran across, Different Like Coco.  It tells the story of Coco Chanel – her humble beginnings, life in a convent, sewing and her different way at looking at clothing which ultimately propelled her to success.  Sounded like a good book even if I dislike the brand.  What I found in the book was not just a good moral, but a woman who stepped out on a limb and transformed the fashion industry.  I mean women went from wearing huge bustled dresses with layers and layers to wearing a man’s cardigan and pants overnight and it caught on.  Though Chanel may not be a fashion brand that I pay particular attention to, its founding creator certainly garners respect.  I guess I should be more careful with some of my ill-formed opinions.  I still hold to that fact that Freebirds makes the best burrito.

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