Merry Christmas – A Few Days Late

So Christmas 2010 has come and gone.  I was a little late to the game in getting out any sort of post prior to Christmas or even just after Christmas, but 3 days later here you go.  Merry Christmas from San Antonio.


We spent a couple of days with my in-laws.  Our daughter loves it because she gets to hang with Mimi and Poppa and my hubbie and I love it because our daughter gets to hang out with Mimi and Poppa and we get a break.

My favorite thing this Christmas was the present my Mother-in-Law gave her little sister.  It was a necklace that she had made from their dad’s ring.  It was a very sweet and thoughtful gift.  Kudos, Mimi.  I would post the picture of Debbie opening the gift, but it’s not right to post a picture of someone crying.  And Debbie would kill me.

My husband and I decided to be altruistic and not get each other gifts this year.  Just kidding.  We’re not that selfless.  We really just bought some stuff on sale before Thanksgiving  and on Black Friday and decided it would be silly to wrap known presents and quite irresponsible to buy more gifts just so we had an unknown gift to unwrap Christmas Eve.  Not to mention we’re getting our leaning tower of Pisa foundation fixed and updating our original, hand crafted, sink is rusted, “can’t find that exact shade of floor to ceiling brown/mauve tile” 1940s bathroom in the next couple of months.  Ok, the house isn’t really leaning, but it did need some reinforcement and the bathroom really is all those things I mentioned.

This year our daughter fully understood the concept of gifts and Santa.  Gone are the early years of cluelessness, replaced with counting gifts, asking on the 26th where did Santa put the other presents.  What presents?  Santa only comes on the 25th.  My daughter’s response, “huh”? Given that she is only three, I think she handled it pretty well.  She waited patiently for 2 days, sat through Christmas Eve service, and waited while the adults had dinner as the presents taunted her, sitting under the tree, begging to be opened.   She didn’t even break down when it came time to give others presents.  She went out of her way to help open presents.  Chip off the old block, always wanting to help others.

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