Bright Copper Kettles and Warm Woolen Mittens

and today, because it’s cold in Dallas, I get to wear one of my favorite things.

It snowed yesterday.  In Dallas.  That means, there were fluffy cold things falling from the sky that would account for snow.  However, this does not mean that the snow amounted to anything or stuck around for playtime.  It came and went.  Almost at the same time.  Some parts north of us, the snow stuck around a little longer.  Not quite like Denver, but if you pick it apart too much; how much it snowed, if it stuck to the ground, if you didn’t get to play in it, you will soon find yourself  in a bad mood.  Why be in a bad mood?  Instead, why not pull on some SNOW BOOTS!

WARNING:  If you have issues with fur, this post may not be safe for viewing.

Oh these lovely, fur boots.  Before you question my sanity of owning these boots while living in Dallas, I must defend myself.  We recently lived in Denver where the snow can make it difficult to open your front door some mornings.  Or why it suddenly makes sense why most people park on the street and have no driveways.  Who wants to shovel that much snow in the morning?  The same amount of snow that will make you curse your neighbors that don’t shovel their sidewalk and will give you a strong urge to rename your first child after the neighbor who used his snow blower to take care of your sidewalk.  So what if his name is Eugene?  I think Eugene could be a lovely girl’s name.

These boots definitely take the edge off when the bee stings.  They’re fun and functional.  And in my mind, oh so fashionable.  They are real fur, raccoon, to be exact.  Is it the latin in me that likes things that are little over the top?  Could that be the explanation for my recent love of gold and fur?  Or maybe I was once  one of J.Lo’s back up dancers and this was her Christmas present to everyone?  Regardless, most raccoons I’ve ever come across are always crossing dangerous roads and highways.  It does not end well for the raccoon.

Please note – feel free to school me on fur, raccoons and anything else.  Do not be offended if I still wear these boots.  Especially if it snows in Dallas.

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