How did I end up with Beauty and the Beast on my Playlist?

One day not so long ago, I plugged in my hard drive so I could update the music on my iPod and nothing.  NOTHING.  The hard drive would not appear.  What do you do when that happens?  Panic.  Blame the dogs.  Pound on your keyboard, willing the hard drive to show up.  Click your heels three times and try to plug it in again. Weeks of uploading CDs.  Weeks.  Combined, my husband and I own a lot of music.  Weeks.  I didn’t have the energy to do that again.  Not to mention, the music I had purchased that was backed up, let’s see where is the hard drive that I use to back up my hard drive?  Oh, that’s right I don’t own one.  What to do?  I begged the manufacturer for help.  After waiting for what seemed like ages, I heard back.  Something about the mother board being fried.  Literally, fried.  Good news, all the music was recovered.  The bad news, we had to spend Lola’s tuition to recover the music.  Who needs college, anyway?

Recently my husband and I upgraded to iPhones.  LOVE.  Yes, I love my phone.  As a matter of fact, I love pretty much ALL Apple products.

Steve Jobs, if you’re reading this post then send me some free stuff: macbooks, iPads, iPods, whatevs.  I have plenty of stickers, but if you want to send anything else, feel free.  Not because I talk about your product all the time, but just because you want to.  Thanks.

Anywho…when the hard drive crashed, my husband’s personal playlist disappeared.  Instead of spending hours recreating a new playlist, he just never synced his ipod.  No personal playlist, no music on the new iPhone.  In an effort to show my husband I love him, I recreated the playlist for him.  I know.  I have moments of awesomeness.

In doing this, I realized that I am missing a substantial amount of music from my own playlist.  I mean, Led Zeppelin.  How am I surviving each day without a little LED?  I realized my playlist is not complete, but then I realized neither is my husband’s playlist.

Conversation that occurred the other day.

Hubby: Didn’t you say you recreated my playlist?

Me:  Yes?

Hubby:  Didn’t you say used the playlist on my iPod to recreate the list?

Me:  Yea, yea.  I used the list.  Why?  Is something missing?

Hubby:  Well…..

Me:  I told you it wasn’t  perfect. (not at all defensive)  It was really late and there a lot of songs to add.  I could have missed a few songs.

Hubby:  Uh, it’s not that you missed one.  Somehow, Vanilla Ice made it to my playlist.

Me:  (How did I think I would get away with that?) Uh.  Yes.  I realized that I was missing some amazing music from my own list and so were you.  I took some liberties.

I thought about this tonight when my playlist went from Shakira, to Something There sung by Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Is my husband playing a practical joke on me?   Did Lola somehow add this to my playlist?  Oh my, what if Lola ever gets a hold of my playlist?  Maybe not now, but what about in the future.  I need to figure out how to lock that puppy down.  I don’t need Hannah Montana or iCarly on my personal playlist.

By the way, don’t ever let me near your playlist.  I will add something that I think is missing.

2 thoughts on “How did I end up with Beauty and the Beast on my Playlist?

  1. First of all – Steve Jobs if your listening Rosa wants free products – uhhh yeah right, he’s one step from getting you to sell your kid on the black market in exchange for an IPad. Second – discover it – you’ll thank yourself later. Third…Vanilla Ice rocks and Poetschke was just mad b/c you erased Milli Vanilli off his play list.

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