Today’s Obsession: The iPad

Today’s Obsession is really more of a constant obsession.  It’s not just today, it’s every day.  I check the Apple site every day (sometimes several times a day) to see if the rumors have been confirmed that a new iPad will soon be deployed.  I don’t really care about Face Time, the lighter weight, louder volume, I just want an iPad.   I want to load a million useless apps that are compatible with my iPhone and my Macbook that tell me where I parked my car, act as my outdoor bug zapper, entertain my toddler and feed my dogs.  Oh wait, there’s no app for feeding the dogs, but that would be nice, right?  You may be shaking your head and saying, “For Pete’s sake, just go out and buy one.”  It’s not that simple.  I was all set to go before Christmas to buy myself an iPad.  I sold a fabulous handbag on eBay in hopes that I could buy the iPad I wanted.  That’s right, The Shopper sold a most coveted handbag because I like technology more than I love designer handbags.  I had one foot out the door.  Heading to the nearest Apple store.  And then, I went back inside the house.  What stopped me in my tracts was an article my husband forwarded me.  The article mentioned that most likely a 2nd generation iPad was due to come out some time this year.  Aargh.  Immediate or delayed gratification?  I’m not one to wait, but how can I willingly go out and purchase something that I know will be better in a couple of months.  I cried a little (not really, ok maybe one tear) and settled for checking the website every day.  I read a couple of articles just to be sure my husband wasn’t making all this up.  I hear if it’s true, then an announcement will happen at the end of January and be available in stores in April.

So I wait.  Patiently.  Really.  I mean it.

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