Raising Lola: You think time out is bad, just wait till I embarass you as a teenager.

I know, I’m on a kid’s kick more than a fashion kick, but that’s not such a bad thing.  I mean she is a pretty significant part of my life.  Mini-me and all.  And, she is a constant source of laughter and fun.

I got the idea for this post from a friend’s status update on Facebook.  Julie – you are brilliant!

Posted in her status update: In about 10 years, I will exact my revenge.  I will choose a perfectly cloudy, dark morning and rush excitedly into my children’s rooms and wake them up for no good reason.  And then I will do it every day after that for five years.

I LOVED this.  Not because I’m into revenge, although I am.  I have a misplaced love for fairness and equality.  Anyway,  I love this comment because it’s funny and so true.  Our kids aren’t exacting revenge, at least I hope not, but they have an uncanny sense of bad timing.  Don’t they know rainy days are for sitting around in your pjs doing nothing?

Or what about when your child is thoroughly engrossed in an episode of She-Ra, and the exact moment you take a phone call, your child needs your attention.  Forget the tv.  All they want, all they’ve ever wanted is you.  No tv, no toys, no coloring books, no Barbie, just you.  Once you get off the phone, they forget who you are.

Won’t it be funny when Lola is in an in-depth conversation with one of her friends and her awesome mom walks in and starts asking a million questions, but then totally ignores her when she’s off the phone.  Ok, so maybe Lola won’t think it’s funny, but it’s good not to take yourself so seriously.  Plus, it’s just funny.

That’s right, Lola.  If you ever read this, you’ll wish you could have a time out in your room.


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