Personal Style: Pleats or No Pleats

Pleats and No Pleats

Some say there is no fashion while wearing pleats,
But pants with no pleats can be a bore.
From what I’ve tasted of fashion defeats
I hold with those who favor an end to pleats.
But if it had to perish today,
I think I know without a doubt
Why not cropped pants with pleats
Don’t forget heels
Who cares if that’s how you feel.

Ah, pleats.  Such a controversial fashion topic.  Are pleats in?  Are they out?  Some say out, but then runway shows seem to indicate different.  And then maybe pleats are ok depending on the quantity – single pleats vs double or multiple pleats.  Or, maybe you’re shaking your head saying there is no question.  Just say no to pleats.

The pleats conversation has come up on several occasions recently.  Typically the conversation is centered around whether men should wear pleated pants.  My opinion – it depends.  Clearly the trend for men’s trousers leans toward no pleats.  But there are some single pleated pants out there that I personally think look nice.

Ladies on the other hand, the recent trend has included pleats.  I would venture to say that pleats are in, at least for now.  But as with ALL trends, be sure that you want to head down that path and tread very lightly.  Very lightly.  You don’t want to go out and replace all your pants with pleated pants.  NOR should you pull out any pleated pants that you wore 10/20 years ago.  Don’t do it.  Back away from the 80s/90s clothing unless you are an excellent seamstress.

As with all things Fashion, you get to decide.  Know what looks good on you.  And go crazy and go with a trend every once in a while.  However, if you’re thinking now that pleats are in, the extra fabric will hide some fluff your body has acquired – This is a myth.  There are ways to flatter your body type, but excess fabric is not always the answer.  This always reminds me of a story a friend told about his friend in middle school that always wore a sweatshirt around her waist to hide her waist/hips.  Ladies, your hips aren’t hidden, you’ve just added extra fabric to them making everything look wider.  We’re not fooling anyone.

And of course a million other variables affect the look of your pleated pants – what’s your body type, gender, cropped or full length, fabric content, accessories.  So men, maybe pleats wouldn’t be so bad if your were wearing heels?  No?  Ok, maybe not.  People might talk.  But consider it, they would no longer be talking about your pleated pants.  Think about it.

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