Free eBooks: Yes I’m a Nerdy Book Reader and I Like Free Things


I love books.  I always have. Ok, I have always loved Barbies, but books were a very close second.  There was a time when I kept books not just because I read them or was going to read them, but also for aesthetics.   But really, I just couldn’t bear to part with them.  It’s not like I was going to read them again, I just wanted to have them.  Chalk it up to excess.

When we first got married, our storage (minus the kitchen) equated to, two built-in bookshelves and a smallish closet.  I refrain from using walk-in because it was really more like a step-in.  No walking in that closet.  Normally, this amount of storage would be ok.  For me.  But now there were two.  Obviously we made do – the books went on the bookshelves and everything else went in the closet or under the bed.  With the lack of space, the question was posed, “Are there any books you might want to get rid of?”  WHAT?!?  Me? Get rid of my books?  Are you kidding?  Who asks that?  My husband – the saint that puts up with my insanity.  I mean sure there were tons of books, and each time we moved we had to pack, load, unload and unpack, but they’re my *sad* treasured possessions.  I couldn’t get rid of them.

Plus, in that first apartment, since we didn’t have cable, I couldn’t take a break from unpacking by watching tv, so instead I read some of those books.  Totally justified their presence.  8 Years and 4 moves later, I was ready to get rid of the books.  With or without a Kindle, I had made up my mind to get rid of 95% of the books.  I kept kid’s books, our Harry Potter collection and some sewing/decor books.  In case you’re curious.

And then my wonderful husband who understands my love of books got me a Kindle for Christmas.  I love the Kindle.  I love that I can have the Kindle on my phone, my computer and soon to be iPad.  I love that with the Kindle, I don’t have to roll over on to my side when I turn the page of a book.  No, I don’t feel bad that I am abandoning the Kindle for my iPhone or the soon to be iPad because it’s become my husband’s Kindle.  It gets plenty of use.  Not a wasted gadget.

I love books so much that I have to limit the amount of books I purchase so that I don’t end up with tons-o-unread-books on the Kindle and tons-o-money spent on books instead of food or other basic necessities.

Ok – now you know.  I love books, the Kindle, Kindle on my iPhone.  I’m a little crazy and it took me 8 years and 4 moves to realize I should get rid of my books before I made it on that Hoarders show.  My husband is a saint.

The point is that I discovered a website that allows you to download free books to your Kindle.  It’s called  Project Gutenberg.  The books available are mostly classics, but classics are good.  Necessary even.

As I’m writing this, my husband turns to me and says, “What?  You like free things?  Is that why you have so many apps on your phone?”  I love him.  He knows me so well.

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