Today’s Obsession – Photography and Lip Balm

Two totally unrelated things.  The Lip Balm is only because my lips are painfully cracking this winter.  I don’t remember this happening in Denver, but I forget lots of things.  I can’t find a lip balm that really helps.  Oh well.  Carry on.

That being said, I am thoroughly obsessed with photography.  I always have been obsessed with taking pictures, but I have zero technical knowledge.  I mean ZERO.  I don’t know what aperture means, fx vs dx, rule of thirds, composition (unless related to english literature), exposure, bokeh, the list goes on.  I’m like most people.  I see it.  I like it.  The end.  Recently, I’ve been educating myself a bit.  Not a lot, but a bit.  When I’m not reading The Pioneer Woman blog and stalking the Apple site, I am researching photography.  What makes a good picture, what kind of camera is the best and why, what type of lens you should get (who knew a good lens was key), what the heck is aperture.  Don’t ask me to define anything for you.  I just wanted to tell you about my obsession.

I also wanted to inform you because if you know me and you live close by (within driving distance) or you’re visiting soon, I will most likely have a camera in hand taking a picture of EVERYTHING.  That’s right.  Don’t even try to pick your nose in my proximity because I will most likely catch it on camera.  Not really, I will respect your need to pick.

Please don’t hate.  I love taking pictures of people.  If you don’t want your pic taken, that’s ok.  But can I at least practice on your pets? Your kids?

My poor dogs.

I really do have two dogs even if the Weim gets most of the attention.  This is Miles.

Hemingway Jumping on the bed. Shhhh….don’t tell my husband.
Not to be outdone.  Lola gets quite a bit of camera time.

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