Personal Style: Good thing you’re my daughter and I love you.

I was sitting here feeling rather uninspired.  Which can frankly be a little depressing.  At least it is for me.  Then I remembered this morning’s events.

My husband woke up early to work out.  Didn’t even notice him leave, which means two things – he left REALLY early and he left so early that I was sound asleep.  Of course all this means that I can’t be lazy and sleep in.  I woke up at 6:30 to my alarm buzzing.  My thoughts:  “What in the world is that buzzing?  Oh it’s my alarm.  Wait, why is my alarm going off on a Saturday? Oh, it’s Monday.”  Great.

Mindless boring details followed – take a shower, get dressed, get breakfast going, wake up the sleeping log in Lola’s room.

You could say, that waking up Lola is no easy task.  It usually involves, turning on bright lights and making lots of noise or loud singing.  I have yet to resort to a cold wash cloth on the face.  My dad used this technique on me growing up.  I will do my best to spare my child this torture.  Our tactics are typically countered with quickly pulling the covers over her head and pretending it’s not morning.  Sometimes she even tries to rationalize with us.  “It’s still dark outside, it’s not time to wake up!”  Why fight, I walk away until she’s ready.

She finally came in to the kitchen with a naked Li Shang. In case you’re not well-versed in the world of Disney’s Mulan, this is Li Shang.

“Dress him, please,” as she hands me Ken’s more modern clothes.  Being the brilliant parent, I say, “I will dress Li Shang if you go pick out what you want to wear today.  Remember it’s cold.”  Off she runs.  Score.  I’m a brilliant parent!

This is what she brought back.  Black turtleneck, Polka Dot Dress and Pink and Black Rocker Leggings.  I am a brilliant parent.

I blame the leggings.  They have some sort of power that draws weird color combos and patterns.  Unique style happens all the time, but those leggings tend to be involved when things go a little nutty.  It’s a miracle she didn’t want to wear her new soccer shoes with the out fit.

Bottom right.  They’re hard to miss.

If nothing else the choice of clothing made me smile and want to hug her a little tighter.

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