Snow I Love Thee, Let me count the ways..

It’s Snow Day #4 and counting.  Sub freezing temps, ice, bad drivers, but finally today – SNOW!  I love snow.  I definitely love snow, it’s much better than ice.

1.  Snow is quiet.  I went outside last night when it started snowing.  It was so quiet, peaceful.  Soft.

2.  Playing in the snow is fun.  Snow Angels, snow balls, snowman building.  So long as I’m properly layered, snow is fun.

3.  It’s funny when you’re playing and you fall – much better than falling on ice.  We were playing hide and seek.  Lola and I were seeking and my husband was hiding.  I was lucky enough to catch my husband making a run to a better hiding location only to wipe out on some fluffy snow.  I only wish I had it on camera.  It’s of course not so funny when I fall.

4.  Snow pictures – of people, dogs, snow, trees…anything in the snow or with snow on it.

5.  Coming in from the snow.  Pulling on clothes right out of the dryer, snuggling under a blanket with some hot chocolate.  I love snow.

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