I love snow…part 2

It’s Dallas and there’s still snow on the ground.  But the sun is shining bright so it’s bound to disappear soon.  Carpe Diem, right?  Seize the day to sled, make snowmen and throw snowballs.  But where do we sled?  We have no hills near us, unless of course you count the slight incline in the green belt area that heads directly into icy water nearby.  Even my sometimes  lacking parenting intuition tells me that could be trouble.

But how can I deny my child (and me) the chance to sled?  We found a perfect spot at a park that is adjacent to an Office Building, just off a major highway.  You can’t tell from the pics because you see bright blue skies, “woods” and no office buildings.

We had all sorts of sledding fun.

Here’s a great action shot my husband caught as I screamed like a baby.

I’m extra thankful that though he witnessed a major wipe out as we were collecting sticks for our snowman, he did not have the camera in his possession.  It was ugly.  Both my pride and my behind were a little hurt.  Small price to pay for some fun in the snow.

Dear Mercer Crossing tenants whose windows face west,

We left you a reminder of our presence today.  It might melt or be unrecognizable by the time you return to work on Monday, but it was there.

Lotsa love,

The Poetschke’s

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