From Smmidge: Acceptance through Denim

The following is a post from a dear friend’s blog – Smmidge. I love the post because I can totally resonate with the beauty in finding good clothing that fits.  Not fits like it’s not tight or you can go to a buffet and not worry about the belly pooch result.  Lie to me and tell me this happens to you too.  But fits, like, it’s comfortable, you look good and yet you’re not trying to look good – it fits.  I love it when that happens.  One of the things I discovered through my crazy shopping addiction – call it a life lesson – nice things are great but things that fit – those are life changing like Molly points out.

Acceptance through Denim

Sound funny? Not in my world, of course.  It makes all kinds of sense to me.  When something fits well on your body, and allows you to be you it can be transformative.  I’ve seen it time and again. . . women and girls (guys too) having a new experience with how they view themselves when they find the perfect piece of clothing that actually fits properly and expresses something to world without saying a word. . . The fine folks at one of my obsessions (as you know), Imogene and Willie create not only fabulous, useful, durable, beautiful clothes by making and selling them in their hometown of Nashville, but they also make these beautiful video vignettes that include you in their design process, their philosophies, their outlook. . .in their American lives.  Acceptance through denim – a philosophy I can understand.

Check out her site for more amazing finds and inspiration.  Smmidge

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