Repost (Kinda): Grammar Books are proof of my hubbie’s love?

I love Grammar, but I also really dislike it.  It’s the perfectionist in me.  Grammar is tough to get right.  Too many rules.  Plus, grammar gives way to criticism.  I don’t love criticism – sure it’s beneficial people say.  Makes you a better person in the end, but the initial shock to my system makes me want to shop.  Internal conversation – Wait, let me get this straight, you’re telling me I’m not perfect?  Hmmm, that sounds painful and ugly – admitting I’m not perfect.  I hear Macy’s is having a sale.

To make matters worse, grammar correction is typically executed with a red pen, marker, pencil, whatever.  Something bold and red – no fluffy pastel colors.  Also have you ever noticed that the corrections seem to be in large print?  It’s like the editor wants to make sure you’re grandmother sitting in the living room can read the mistakes.  Ok, maybe I’m being a little dramatic, but grammar correction has always made me cringe.  It has at one point been the subject matter of my nightmares.  No, really.  I had an English teacher in high school, tough Welsh lady that was a pro at calling you out in public for poor writing.  I remember dreaming that she was yelling at me with a piercing Welsh accent (not to be confused with a British accent because that would really send Mrs. Witte over the edge).   “F, F, F.  You get an F” she was yelling over and over.  I woke up sweating.  I shudder when I think about that.  It triggers that part of me that desperately wants to please, wants to be the best and can’t handle public humiliation.  And of course it triggers the internal catalog of shoes I can’t live without.

Alas, the solution to my problems.  Not it’s not the Little Brown Book.  Though it’s a great book for the writing process, it’s not really funny.  But My Grammar and I…Or should that be Me? sounds like a dream come true.

This would be the part that is a repost.  As with most fabulous new finds, I discovered this book as I perused one of my favorite blogs.  This particular section of the blog focuses on Home Schooling.  Click here if you want to read the full post.

The book seems chalk full of nerdy grammar humor.  And more importantly, the book goes over grammar rules as well as the exception to the rules all in the spirit that sometimes proper language usage is just luck.  Translation – it’s ok that you’re not perfect.  Go ahead admit, I’m not perfect.  Phew, that wasn’t so bad.

Excitedly, I showed my husband the original post.  That wonderful husband of mine says, “I know.  I saw that post today.  I thought you would want that book, but I figured you would want a hard copy and not a Kindle version.”  DID HE JUST READ MY MIND?  Truly – those were my EXACT thoughts.  I thought he said he couldn’t do that?  Note to self – he can read minds.  OR maybe in this instance, it shows that not only  does this man love his nerdy grammar loving/hating wife, but he knows me.  Who knew a grammar book would be evidence that it’s ok not to be perfect AND that my husband loves me?  Funny world we live in.

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