Celebrity Endorsements

Yes, I completely fall for celebrity endorsements.  Not all of them.  I certainly didn’t run out and buy a new Total Gym Home Fitness System just because Chuck Norris told me too.  Although, from what I hear, if you’re going to listen to anyone’s advice, Chuck Norris is the guy.

Sometimes the celebrities aren’t really what you would consider popular celebrities.  Take some of the US Women’s Soccer players, they are now the new faces of Puma products.  In some circles, they are considered celebrities.  In other wider circles, you might hear, “Wait, we have a girl’s soccer team?  How come there’s not a guy’s team?”

I’ve always liked Puma, but when I saw the commercial the other day, I instantly wanted to go buy some puma gear.   Of course I also wanted to play better soccer, be skinnier and get an arm sleeve tattoo, but that has nothing to do with Puma.  It’s good I have a short attention span because I instantly forgot what I had seen on tv and didn’t buy any Puma gear.  I also didn’t get the arm tattoo in case you’re wondering.

Other times I fall for the “someone popular is doing it” subliminal endorsement.  You know, the endorsement that relies on not so in your face marketing.  Just celebrity sightings that show off hot pink feather earrings or a what looks like a high-end dress that was actually purchased at H&M.  No judgement – it could be that you would have purchased those earrings on your own, but now it seems justified.  “I’m not alone in my crazy tastes and love of hot pink feather earrings and dresses from H&M”

I blame my most recent product must-have on Angelina Jolie.  Actually, the original product endorsement was from a co-worker.  It was her must-have lip gloss.  I like the lip gloss she uses and I thought, why not.  Then, the sales lady mentioned it was the exact same lip gloss Angelina Jolie used at the Golden Globes.

WHAT?!?  Angelina Jolie was wearing that lip gloss?  I must have it.  I mean, surely, the lip gloss will make my lips look “full”, just like Angelina’s, right?  Actually, can I bypass the lips and just get her body?  Sadly, I don’t think they make a lip gloss for that.  Darn.

I feel the sudden need to paint my fingernails purple.  I wonder why?

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