Brown paper packages tied up with strings

I love bags.  I do, I really do.  But not all bags.  That would just be silly.  Ok, I really do love too many bags so I’m scaling back.

One of my all time favorite bags is not found in your typical department store.  I stumbled upon Sherry Stein’s bags when searching for the perfect diaper bag.  Define perfect – 1. a bag that my husband and I could both carry.  It really is too much for me to ask him to change dirty diapers AND carry a floral print bag.  Or to have two bags with duplicate supplies so that if he was by himself with the kiddo, he wouldn’t have to transfer everything into a different bag (not the floral bag).  Who has the space for duplicate bags?  Oh wait, I did do that at first, until I kept running out of wipes or diapers because they were always in one of the many diaper bags.  2. I needed ONE bag that had lotso pockets inside and out.  I like big bags, but I don’t like it when everything is one jumbled mess inside.  I need some semblance of order when I’m trying to fish out a favorite toy, while trying to get through a security line at the airport.  3.  A good looking bag.  In other words, a bag that is not easily mistaken as a diaper bag unless everything had fallen out and a bag that could be used several years later when we were sans-diapers.  Nothing seemed to fit all three until..S.Stein.

If that pacifier was not hanging off the side like that, you would NEVER know that it was made to tote ALL the crazy things we mothers deem necessary for an outing with our child.  Additionally, The bag is not too heavy, but also really sturdy and can be put through the ringer. Great stitching and detail without the need for grommets, fringe, pattern.  I know I have weird tastes.  Patterns are great but there is something to be said for tone on tone, monochromatic, solid fabric.  There are plenty of bold colors available in her palette, but as usual I’m drawn to the gorgeous tans.  Plus, it’s a slam dunk for guys.

But don’t pass this up because it’s chock-a-bock with diaper bag talk.  I’ve since moved on and discovered that Stein has other great bags in this same style.  Two of my current obsessions:

The Mail Bag

And the Studio Tote.

Have I mentioned the beautiful product photography.  Creatively styled, aesthetically pleasing, crisp and clean.  It just lovely.  The 2010 Look Book was shot on location in Marfa.  LOVE IT.


Or how about this one.


Truly great functional bags.  When the bee stings, I check out Stein’s bags and suddenly I don’t feel so sad.


**As with all product obsessions, they are just obsessions.  No one pays me, gives me free product in return for my obsessions.  Too bad.  I have lots of favorites and even more obsessions.

2 thoughts on “Brown paper packages tied up with strings

  1. Have you finished the VonTrapp book? I’m waiting for a post titled “wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings” 😉
    Any suggestions on a fabulous man bag/briefcase/computer bag…someone I love would like one!

    • Totally finished the book. LOVED it. I actually do have a favorite men’s briefcase bag – Jack Spade. Kinda pricey like most things, but just nice, classic, clean lines, kinda casual (ie – not your stuffy briefcase).

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