You Smell Good

My husband and I play outdoor soccer together.  Unlike him, I am absolutely no good when it comes to foot eye coordination skills.  Jeez, I can’t even throw the ball in correctly.  It’s harder than it looks people.  Really it is.  But I try, that’s what counts, right?  Nod your head yes and consider that your good deed for the day.

Truly though, I love soccer.  I love the passion evoked on and off the soccer field.  And the fashion, OH THE FASHION!  Just look at David Beckham or any other European player – they scream fashion.  So do their WAGS.  I digress.

Besides the fact that my husband and I have a chance to do something fun together and the obvious fashion that comes with the game, I love our team.  I will admit I was nervous that they might not accept me.  What if they realize that I never played the game growing up?  Or worse that sometimes, ok, a lot of times I misjudge the ball and WHIFF?  Will they be mad, will they boot me off the team or make me play some lame position where I never touch the ball?  Not these guys and girls, they are simply amazing.  They are genuinely accepting.  They totally let me screw up, laugh about it and move on.  Friday night soccer games would not be nearly as fun, if I was not playing with those guys.

This past Friday was our first game of the Spring Season.  We were playing well, up 3-1 with 10ish minutes left and then things got messy.  That’s just how life is, right?  One of our guys went for the ball, the other guy went down.  Threats ensued from the other guy.  Never a good thing, but our guy blew it off.  It’s just co-ed soccer, right?  Not the other guy.  More threats, something to the tune of “Just wait until after the game, I’m gonna kick your or kill you..” (something very serious).  It was a little tense.  I was a little uncomfortable.  Tense situations usually bring out the best in me.  Or rather the awkward.  So as I’m getting ready to play defense, I say the first thing that pops into my head to the girl I’m defending.  “You smell good.”  Of course, what a natural thing to say to a total stranger while playing soccer.  Not only that, but it just sounds creepy.  Once you blurt something out of that nature, there’s no turning back.  Which always requires an equally or increasingly awkward statement, “You know, that’s a hard thing to do while playing soccer.”  Thank GOD, there was some confusion on the sideline or I would have kept on going.   Clearly I have a knack for making comments like these.

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