Not an obsession just a like

It seems like I’m always obsessed about something or someone.  Sometimes in an effort to step away from the drama of an obsession, I just like things.

Here are some of my most recent likes.

Super cute Toddler clothes from The Measure on Etsy.

The styling in these photos is just adorable.  Old world but not stuffy.  The concept is great – re-using Oxfords.  Love it.  Definitely inspiring me to drag out my sewing machine and make Lola something along these lines.  I would buy it, but $59 is not quite in my budget.













Cool Houses

Mocoloco finds some of the most amazing houses to post on their site.  I love the open feel, big windows, straight lines.  I wish our house was more like this, but then I remember that our neighbors are much too close for this type of architecture.  Someday….







iPad 2 – that’s right, it’s almost here.

Ok, this one is more of an obsession, but I had to sneak it in because I’m super excited.








I really like it, but I also get so beat down because there’s so much to learn.  I don’t like that the learning, I just want to know.  It’s a personal problem I have.  I do this with lots of things.  I envision myself playing better soccer, but I never practice.  I also envision a much more muscle toned me, but don’t always want to work out.  So much for the power of positive thinking.  I guess you actually have to take action to get results.  Crazy!

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