The Many Faces of Lola

One of my favorite things is my child’s face.  I love her facial expressions.  They are typically in the happy range, but as each day passes, her dramatic repertoire increases.

Her most recent addition – not just a wailing WAH when she doesn’t get what she wants, but an actual face of pain.  Oh, and don’t miss the real tears.  Acting classes?  No need to invest in those.

Then there are the faces of sleep.  It’s true what people say about watching your kids sleep, you can watch them forever.  I can literally watch her forever.

But when she’s awake, this is what it’s really like (mostly – I usually don’t take pics of the tantrums only because I’m too busy walking away).    Like I said though, she’s mostly lots of fun.


A little bit of silly.

And a whole lot of telling me what’s what.  No really, she tells me I’m not the boss on more than one occasion.  I laugh.

When she was smaller, these pictures were my favorite.


These probably wouldn’t make it on the GAP campaign, but I love them.  Of course they also terrify me.  Somehow, I feel like it captures what’s really going on in that crazy head of hers.

There’s the sour face.  She loved to eat lemons, hence the sour face.  Mind you she ate the whole lemon, rind and all.


Along with things she put in her mouth, there’s the dirty sand face.  Yes, my child ate sand.  It’s gross, I know it.  It’s not like I fed it to her.  She would pick it up, let it go through her chubby fingers and next thing I know it was in her mouth.  I justified it because we were on a private beach not in a sandbox.  There is a small difference – crab poo vs kid’s poo.  Just saying.


Promise.  Last one.

This one by far is my favorite face.  I think Tyra Banks would be proud – this is a total smize.  See the warmth in her eyes.  Just kidding, I just got lucky taking this shot.  And of course my wind machine worked perfectly this day.  Again, kidding.

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