Today’s Obsession – Eating

What to eat.  It’s an obsession.  Not so much because I’m so excited about my next meal or because I’ve stumbled on the best kept secret, hole-in-the-wall, soon to be featured in a magazine restaurant.  I’m obsessed because my husband and I decided to eat healthy for 30 days.  The challenge is Whole30.  I’m not really one for nutrition, but when I started working out with Crossfit, two things happened.  1.  My trainer was insanely passionate (with good reason) about the nutrition part of this fitness program, so I tried it out.  2.  I actually saw results which changed my thoughts about nutrition.

Then we moved back to Texas, the land of Whataburger and Chicken Express.  You could say I fell off the wagon.  Threw myself, head first into fried food, sodas, cookies, and glorious cheese fondue.  Hence, the reason for our current 30 Day challenge.

So now I’m obsessed with what to eat, what to cook, does it contain sugar, etc.  It consumes quite a bit of my time, I’m either eating or planning what to eat.  It’s not my favorite obsession.  Unless we start talking about cheese fondue or Manchego cheese and some French bread.  Now that is my kind of obsession.  Have I mentioned that it’s for the next 30 days?  30 Days is a long time to go without cheese.  Really.

It also in some way makes me hate food.  Not because the food is yuck and tastes like cardboard.  I’ve had a couple of misses, but overall, it’s pretty tasty.  I’m just so lazy, that sometimes I would rather drive through than cook.  Or maybe eat a whole box of Chips a Hoy Chocolate Chip Cookies than cook.  People – I ate a whole box of Chips a Hoy Chocolate Chip Cookies!!  Ok, I ate several boxes.  But not in one sitting.  Needless to say I need to shake things up a bit.  Fool my taste buds into craving strawberries and brussel sprouts, not cookies.  That’s why we’re doing the challenge.

A couple of things I’ve learned after just one short week:

1.  Be prepared – it is never a good thing to be without food.  Suddenly hunger hits and you’re wondering how you can steal your child’s peanut butter crackers.  I don’t even like peanut butter crackers.

2.  Don’t linger on food blogs.  Better yet, stay away from them.  At least for 30 days.  How can you stay strong for 30 days when there’s this chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich from Pioneer Woman?

Or what about the Blueberry Lemon Buttermilk Cake from Amy Johnson?

Or what about the Spicy Dr. Pepper Shredded Pork on Pioneer Woman?

See what I mean?  Stay away from food blogs.  Did I mention there’s a $75 bet on who cheats first.?  I’ve got my eye on some new wedges for spring.  I can’t lose.

I have to go now, all this food talk has made me hungry.  I just spied a purple skittle on the floor.  I think my husband planted it there.  I don’t think he has big plans for the $75, but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want to lose either.


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