Feels like Forever…An Eating Update

It feels like forever since I ate something indulgent.  It’s been two weeks.  That could be considered forever when take bread and other baked goodies into account.

It also feels like forever since I blogged something.  It’s been 1 week.  In the blogging world that is forever.  So why not blog about the Whole30 challenge.  Actually I was inspired by the pure evil that overcame my husband when it comes to bets.

But first, the eating.  It’s not too bad.  As in, we’re not starving.  There are worse things that could happen than trying to eat more veggies and no sugar or processed foods during 30 days.  Surprisingly, we load and unload the dishwasher more often.  Although, I’m not sure why we’re surprised.  It would stand to reason that if you eat at home more, you have more dishes to wash.  Unless of course you do paper plates.  I’m not against paper, we usually save paper for guests.  I know, we’re pretty classy like that.

I’m still spend quite a bit of time planning and obsessing about food.  I’m also definitely staying away from food blogs that feature fabulous desserts unless they are Whole30 friendly which really means that it’s fruit.

I have realized that quite a few dishes from childhood are actually perfect for this challenge.  I grew up with Peruvian dishes which are mostly meat and potatoes.  Sans the potatoes and add a veggie and voila, whole 30 approved.

On to the evil.  I had just gotten home from an hour and 15 minutes of traffic only to be followed by a 5K workout.  Awesome.  I love running as much as I love depriving myself of baked goods.  My sweet dear husband says, “I got you something.  It’s in the fridge.”  Pure evil.  I thought, “How nice, he got me some flowers and he has them in the fridge so they won’t die so quickly.  Because, surely, he wouldn’t get some sort of favorite food item.  Right?”  I quickly run to the fridge, throw back the door and scan for flowers.  No flowers.  Instead I find this….


That’s just wrong on so many levels.  Have I mentioned that I love bread?  Only 16 more days.  Only 16 more days.  I really can’t lose $75.  He says he bought the crazy bread for our daughter.  Likely story.  I think he’s just getting me back for picking up a small loaf of white bread to make pb&j sandwhiches for our daughter.  I think maybe he likes bread too.

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