Today’s Obsession….Lightweight jacket and Short Sleeve Shirts

Boooring.  I know.  This is what happens.  My obsessions are sometimes boring.  But they are nonetheless, obsessions.

I am on the serious hunt for the perfect, wear it with anything LIGHTWEIGHT jacket.  Why do I stress Lightweight?  Because I live in Texas, where bike races and runs that take place in July/August are named Hotter than Hell.  It’s true.  It gets really hot in the summer and I sweat.  It’s an awful combination.

So why not go sleeveless or just sit by the pool all day?  Oh how I wish it were that simple.  Most companies have this weird policy about wearing bathing suits to work – it’s frowned upon.  I think it’s because once you see your co-workers in a bathing suit, things are never the same.  Think about it.

So I would like to get something very lightweight that I can wear over a tank top – the problem is finding just the right jacket. 

I really like this one, but the price point is a bit steep. 

I also really like this one, but I think my boss has this jacket.  Can’t be twinkies, sigh.

What’s a girl to do?  Enter my other current obsession with short sleeve shirts.  I’m not typically a fan of short sleeve.  Not sure why.  Oh wait, it’s because I live in Texas and the less fabric the better.  The problem with short sleeve (in my opinion) is the options are limited.  You have the choice of plain tees, graphic tees and tees with embellishments.  Of course then there’s all the weird necks on tees, but I won’t go in to that.

I’m usually drawn to graphic tees –

Typically, these graphic tees are frowned upon once you leave college.  Not sure why.  I think it’s totally appropriate for my daughter and I to wear matching Run DMC shirts.  Judge if you must.

Other than the graphic tees, my other choice is to go with a plain tee.  Sadly these can often be confused with workout shirts.  Which then means that I should wear a jacket to make it look more professional.  Which means that I need to find a lightweight jacket and now I’m back to where I started.  It’s a vicious cycle.

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