Coordinating Outfits for Time

Ahhh, fashion and CrossFit.  How can you not get excited.  I mean seriously, once you’ve busted your a$$, you deserve to look good in a workout outfit.  Let’s not pretend like we wear any old thing to the gym.  Admittedly, I’m not the girl that wears make up to the gym, but I do somewhat think about what I’m going to wear.  Is it hot, is it cold, do those shorts have paint stains in awkward spots and should be thrown away?  Yes, I do think about what I will wear before I go workout.  Truly, every sport has some level fashion to it.  How else can you explain the Oregon Duck’s uniforms or Serena Williams?  Seriously.

Now, I’m not saying all sports fashion is fashionable.  But that is just my opinion.  Back to CrossFit.  My husband ran across this great site for coordinating the perfect CrossFit Outfit – the 11th skill of CrossFit.  Here are some of my favorites.

Love the Orange and pink combo.  The sunglasses and watch are just the perfect accessories.

My favorite part of this outfit are the socks.  Besides being a fashion accessory, those socks also protect your shins from being scarred for life.

How can you resist this for St. Patty’s Day or any other day.

If you’re a CrossFitter looking for new outfits check it out.  If you’re not a CrossFitter, you can still dress like one 🙂

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