Because I have nothing original to contribute…

It’s just been one of those couple of days.  I blame tv – I really think it somehow shrinks my brain.  And yet, here I sit.  In front of the tv, typing.  So instead of turning it off – give me a break, I’m watching Twilight – I resume my posture.  This post is courtesy of those bloggers that are not sitting in front of their tv typing.

Paper Record Player courtesy of Design Mom

Paper Record Player Wedding Invitation

Who are these people?  This couple, created an AWESOME wedding invite, that is also a working record player AND they wrote the song?  WHAT?!?  I’m pretty sure this puts Martha Stewart to shame.  Unless of course they got this idea from Martha.  BTW – I have an obsession with paper goods (see how this works – I write about other people’s stuff and suddenly I’m inspired).  Seriously, I was more obsessed with the invites for my wedding than my dress.

Wellies!!! from Design Mom

I mean is there really anything to add?  Wellies.  Enough said. 

Small World by Dooce

If you are easily offended, please don’t click on the link.  If me telling you not to do something makes you want to click on it all the more, then I’m sorry.  It’s not bad, you just never know what triggers people.  Personally, I think it’s funny.  But that’s me not taking myself too seriously.

Click here for a quick laugh.  Nothing earth shattering, just a small funny.

Zara has maternity clothes.

Yes, those are maternity jeans.  At least according to Zara.  I’m obsessed with this store and now my obsession has grown.  Not only do the offer a line of  mens and kids clothing, now maternity.  Love it.  Too bad I’m not preggers.  Also, Zara created this program called People.  Basically you photograph people wearing their clothes in real life and you can win 300 euros.  LOVE it!

Baby Shower Ideas from one little minute.


Most of you might not like this, but I thought this was a super cute idea for a shower.  Decorating wood blocks for future baby.  Cute.  Of course our friends just had a baby boy and they had us sign a soccer ball for him.  That was a pretty awesome idea as well 🙂  Why don’t I ever think of these things?  Says the girl, still sitting in front of the tv watching Twilight.

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