Things to buy…

There’s an ever-growing list in my head of things to buy.  It makes sense, shopaholic and all.  Sometimes, the list makes it on to paper.  Sometimes, it’s just in my head and slips away as my brain shrinks from sitting in front of the tv.  So why not record it forever on a blog?  That way I can always have something to look back on as my brain shrinks.  Right?

Actually, it’s just something fun to write about.  Why overanalyze everything?


Native Shoes – There are a couple of different styles, but I like the one above, the Miller.  It’s like the new croc only cuter.  Too bad my feet get sweaty.  I know, gross.

At first sight, you might think these ugly.  But I LOVE them.  They caught my eye one morning on the way to Lola’s swim class.  I saw this family, complete with boy and girl twins, wearing them.  Did I mention they were foreigners?  AND they were smoking cigs?  I mean if that’s not a recipe for cool, I don’t know what it.  Kidding about the cigs being cool, but not about foreigners.  Did I mention I was born in South America?  I’m so cool 🙂

Eames Molded Plastic Rocker.  I’ve always wanted one of these.  Or at least always since I saw them featured in nursery decor when I was pregnant.  They are, of course, expensive.  You can buy fake, but I haven’t had the time or the effort to really look at the difference.  I wish I was patient enough or had the time to scour ebay and craigslist to find and old one for next to nothing and refurbish it.  Maybe I’ll add that to my ever-growing To Do list.

 I really do hate it when my opinions suddenly stab me in the back.  I swore never to want a Le Creuset anything.  I don’t know why, I’m weird.  They somehow translated into old and not fun.  Maybe I’m just old and not fun anymore.  Maybe it’s because I read too much Pioneer Woman.  Whatever it is, I want one.  Of course, I spied the one above that’s a combo sauce AND a frying pan.  Drool.   

Inov-8 shoes.  I want them.  Now.  I don’t have money for them, so they’re on the list.  I’m not a runner.  I don’t pretend to be.  But, I like to CrossFit, surprise, surprise.  And CrossFit people run.  So I run.  Gasping and thinking about where to puke, but nonetheless, I run.  With the recent research on running with flat shoes, these shoes are one of the front runners for, guess who, runners.  But they are also loved by CrossFit peeps.  They’re just cool.  And they have fun colors.

Lastly (for now), a new filet knife.  When my husband and I moved temporarily, the only thing I missed were my two knives.  They are used mostly for chopping.  They are not so great with meat.  So I want a filet knife.  I don’t have one pictured, because I’m not sure what I want.  I know I want a good knife.  That’s about it.  How’s that for an explanation?

I’m going to NYC this weekend.  I’m sure the list will only get longer.

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