All That Jazz

Do you ever pick up certain phrases?  You know that phrase that is constantly repeated on a popular show or commercial?  Name those shows…

In it to win it.

Bring it.



SHUT UP ***followed closely or in conjunction with a hard shove***

Wait, that doesn’t happen to everyone? Oh come on.  Admit it people, you know you use the word seriously more now because of the constant hours of Grey’s Anatomy.  No?  Ok, it’s just me.  I pick up phrases all the time.  I really do.

I’m not sure where I picked this one up, but tonight when conversing with a neighbor, I kept saying “All that Jazz”. For example, I really enjoy what I’m doing, and all that jazz. Really? Who uses that phrase in a sentence anymore?  And yet as if once wasn’t enough, I persisted by using the phrase again. It’s almost like I couldn’t believe that I had said it the first time so I felt the need to say it again just to prove that I really had nothing left in my vocabulary except “All that Jazz” to express what I was thinking.

The first time I said it, I thought to myself, that’s weird. Why would I say something like that? It’s rather untoward. Just kidding that’s my Pride and Prejudice verbiage talking. You don’t speak like the books you’re reading?  Me again.  My bad.

The second time I used the phrase, I almost felt the need to follow it up with some jazz hands or a dance number.  It was like I was on some sort of episode of Glee. I’ve really got to lay off the musicals.

Wait.  I think it’s because I might normally have said  “all that sh!t”, but felt the need to restrain my potty mouth in front of someone’s mom.  I really should expand my vocabulary.

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