I may be obnoxious, but….

It’s a weird way to start a post, but bear with me.

It’s not often that I’m compelled to action.  I mean really compelled – life changing action, drop everything you’re doing and change action.  Compulsive, yes.  All the time.   Anyone can be compulsive.  It lasts for a second.  It’s not a commitment, it’s just a momentary thing.  But compelled to do more, to do something challenging, not often. 

Sometimes I do things out of obligation.  I’m usually not very happy afterward.  Who wants to do something without any meaning behind it?  I know, I know.  We all have responsibilities, someone has to be the adult, etc, but at the end of the day who wants to hear I took care of you, was nice to you, did anything at all because I was supposed to?  Because I had to, not because I wanted to.  EW.

Wouldn’t it be better to do things because something was convincing?  Because it created a strong response in you?  Passion?  I heard a Bible Study leader recently say that she may be obnoxious, but she’s passionate.  She went on to say that if someone was teaching without passion then that was a BORING class.  Amen.

I was compelled by some amazing people this weekend.  Not at all BORING or obnoxious, just passion and heart.  This past weekend was the CrossFit South Central Regionals.  Our box took two teams and one individual to the competition.  I’m sad to say I wasn’t able to attend, but I was constantly checking the updates.

Competition compels me.  Something about the passion of the competitors motivates me.  Maybe it’s the sincerity of their actions – there’s no obligation to be there, in fact it was hard-fought road to qualify.  Maybe it’s the raw emotions of highs and lows.  The look on their faces when they are victorious or the shock of defeat that pushes them to do better, to not give up.  It compels me to action.

It’s also the people.  One of our competitors broke her nose doing chest to bar pull ups.  It would be enough that she was doing a chest to bar pull up, but she kept going!  Bloody nose and all, she kept going.  Another amazing competitor, ripped her hands up doing pull ups on a bar that had been baking in the 100 degree Texas heat.  The crazy thing is you would think these guys are super heroes (maybe a little).  But really they’re just like you and me.  They have jobs, kids, wives, husbands, pets, etc.  They have good days and bad days.  They like to have fun.  You wouldn’t think so, but they really are human which is what makes it so much more compelling.  They just practice what they preach.  They give more than the minimum.


Maybe it’s just me.  Maybe it’s the thrill of the sport.  Maybe it’s because our coaches don’t just coach, they compete. Or it’s everyone else that works out next to me giving everything they’ve got and when they’re done, they stop to cheer me on.  Maybe it’s the need to compete every day in at least some small way.  I’m not sure, but I’m compelled and thankful.  It’s a great feeling to do something because you want to.  Because you have a passion for it, not because you have to.  Congrats CF Strong on an amazing weekend!


On a total side note….they have a wicked sense of style.


Photos courtesy of Jake Thompson

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