Things I would do to my house if I never had to sell it.

You know that house with the great “features” that gives your real estate agent a migraine – the hot tub in the living room, the pink exterior paint, the chain link fenced front yard (for extra security)?

Here are some things I would totally do to our house if resale was not in my vocabulary.

Penny flooring – cool, but not for everyone.  Is this considered defacing currency?


Definitely a stair/slide combo.  Imagine the time it would save you when trying to get out the door in the morning?  I need to work on adding the second floor.  I think the stair/slide doesn’t work the same if you only have a one story house.


Floor to Ceiling Sliding Glass Doors.  I don’t know why I would want these especially in Dallas.  In the current 100 degree weather all I can think of is how to better insulate our current home to keep the heat out.


A Lego Wall – of course.  Just think how easy Lego clean up would be?


Seriously though, wood paneling.  Who would have thought?  I’m sure in 10 years I would regret it


An all white room.  Of course I’ll have to get rid of the dogs, hopefully Lola will have moved out by then and we can probably never sit, eat, breathe in that room, but how cool would an all white room be?

Maybe I could house only mac products in this room?


Lastly, it would be a major exterior renovation, but check out the exterior.

In the event of a zombie threat, you’re covered and yet, very nice on a day-to-day basis.

Wonder what our neighbors would say.

4 thoughts on “Things I would do to my house if I never had to sell it.

  1. we’ve seriously considered taking the railing off our top landing on the stairs and adding a tube slide and turning the two story wall in the same room into a rock wall. again… would kinda kill resale value… but would be AWESOME while we lived here!

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