Sing it out. Loud.

Maybe this doesn’t happen to everyone, but I, on average, screw up the lyrics to most songs.  I know it’s not really a big deal, it’s just my confession for the day.

My brother and I once argued over the lyrics to Sharp Dressed Man from ZZ Top.  He said the song said “shotgun man”, I said “shirtless man”.  I think mine made much more sense even if it was wrong.  Of course we should have been clued in by the title, but who’s counting.

Of course I know I’m not the only one guilty of this, one of my friend’s little brothers thought a song said “leprechaun gangster” when in fact it was “lyrical gangster”.  Not so far off in sound, but very different in meaning.

You know the issue isn’t really that I screw up lyrics or that I argue about the wrong lyrics.  The problem is that I belt these incorrect lyrics out at the top of my lungs – in my car, around my husband who knows the words to every song ever created (even spanish songs), and most definitely in concerts surrounded by thousands of people.

I did it the other night at the concert.  Some of the songs I knew by heart.  Most of them I recognized, but didn’t know that well.  Rather than just dance to the ones that I didn’t know by heart, I felt the need to sing it out.  I mean really sing it out.  I basically just tried to guess what the next word would be.  ***This is a slow song, so I bet the next word is going to be heart or love***  What follows sounds something like harove.  Of course my worst fear, which inevitably always comes true is when the singer stops singing and invites the crowd sing.  I panic a little because I know that I have no idea how the song goes.  You would think that would stop me.  NOOOOOOO.  I just pray the person next to me isn’t paying attention to words coming out of my mouth, is singing louder, or hopefully doesn’t really know the lyrics that well either.  It’s a good thing concerts are so loud.

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