For the love of sleep

I’m no stranger to this concept.  I LOVE sleep.  A Lot.

I remember when I was pregnant the most common piece of advice had to do with sleep.  Sleep when the baby sleeps, don’t clean your house – get sleep, sleep now because when the baby comes you will never sleep again.  It’s all true.  I miss my sleep.  Oh well.

I love sleep so much that I’m not the friendliest person when people interrupt my sleep.  I’m not trying to be mean, it’s just that I love my sleep (especially now that it’s more precious) and I don’t part with sleep easily.  

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  Who knew that would actually be true?

I’ve been attending a company-wide staff meeting from 8 am to 9pm for the last three days.  This means I usually see my kiddo only for a short spurt or when she’s already asleep.  

Tuesday night, my husband asked me to wake our child up after I worked out.  I thought he just needed help, but it turns out that Lola really missed me.  Ahhhh.  Warms my heart and makes me feel bad all at once.  Parenting is like that.  Once I got over the guilt of being missed, I resolved to wake her up the following morning so we could have a little more time together in the morning.  The following is a true account of the events of Wednesday morning.

I return from my workout, quickly shower so I can wake up Lola.  No one wants to be woken up by some smelly, red-faced, sweaty person.  It can be a little scary in the morning. 

Me:  (Gently)  Wakey, Wakey sleepy head.

Lola:  (No response)

Me: (Second verse, same as the first)  Wakey, wakey.

Lola:  Mumble, Mumble.

Me:  What sweetie? (Thinking – she probably said I missed you mommy)

Lola:  (Sweet, sleepy voice)   Mommy…..get off my bed.  

Me: (Thinking – surely she didn’t say that?)  Do you want me to get off your bed?

Lola:  Mommy, please go away.

I walk away.  She’s clearly not in her right mind.  I come back 10 minutes later.

Me:  Lola, I have to go to work.

Lola:  Mommy, please go to work now.

I walk away.

Lola:  Mommy, I need to tell you something.

Me:  (She’s finally awake. This is it.  She realizes she misses me and wants to make sure she gets in a hug)  Yes, Lola?

Lola:  (Still in bed)  Mommy, will you get my shoes out of your car?

Awesome.  So much for being missed.  I get it though.  Sleep is a lovely thing.  So are shoes.

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