Table Scraps

Eating with a toddler is an interesting thing.

Me:  Lola would you like eggs or waffles for breakfast.

Lola:  Waffles

Make the waffles, serve the waffles with a cup of apples, Lola eats the waffles and apples.  I then proceed to make my eggs and grab some strawberries and yogurt for my breakfast.

Immediately following.

Lola:  I want eggs.  I like strawberries.

Not an uncommon scene.  It’s a tough thing when you are treating to eat healthy, you have little time and you are trying to instill positive behaviors such as sharing.  If you’re trying to eat healthy, you have less food to eat now that you are sharing.  If you’re in a hurry, you don’t have time to cook more eggs.  If you’re trying to teach sharing, you have no choice but to give in and starve.

Lately, there has been a shift.  We no longer want to share, we want our OWN serving.  Oh for the love, now I need to go get another plate.

Of course then there is the opposite.  Take for instance the below.

She ate what she wanted and when she was done, she turns to me and hands me what’s left.

I’m not sure if I’m so used to the idea of sharing my food with Lola or if I temporary lost my mind, but I took the bread and then proceeded to eat it.  That’s right.  I ate my child’s table scraps.  It’s unpardonable.  I blame hormones.

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