Random thoughts on cooking and food

In no particular order or within a certain timeline, here are some thoughts I’ve had while cooking, thinking of cooking or just thinking about food .

– I love the smell of food cooking.  Onions and garlic sauteing or herbs simmering.  Yum.  Just the thought of rosemary or basil makes me happy.  NOM NOM NOM.

– Is it bad that any time I make soup I instantly think how much better it would be with bacon?  Even after the too much wine, eat bacon and pay for it 6 hours later debacle, I still love bacon.

– If I lived in France, instead of waking up at 5 am to work out, I would get up at that insane hour just to get a fresh baguette or two.   Or three – one for the walk back to the house and all.

– I could eat plain white rice with anything.  ANYTHING.  Fried Eggs, tomatoes with a little bit of salt, lime and pepper, in soups, alongside pretty much any meat.  I ate it with everything growing up so it only makes sense that it should be a staple in my mind.  It’s so plain and yet so delicious.

– I miss Denver food and talk about it too much – the food and how much I miss it.  Which make me miss it more.  Vicious cycle.


– Photographing food is a lot harder than photographing a cute kid.

Exhibit A – Food – I would show you all the shots I took, but they’re all just as blah.


Exhibit B – Cute kid.  Cute kid vs food.  Cute kid wins, every time.  I guess the truth is, I don’t think I really ever want food to win over the cute kid.

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