Dress Up

At no prompting of my own, these were the events tonight…

Suddenly, my daughter brought into the living room a tutu, a crown and a boa. I couldn’t help but think that bedtime was not going to be fun and that I was going to somehow end up wearing most of what was in her hands. Apparently, I was not her target.

I can’t tell if he’s miserable or if he digs dress up. I can tell you that this next guy

was a little concerned that he was next. I think he was trying to hide behind the book-case, hoping she would be distracted.

No such luck.

Oddly enough, the dogs were not fazed. I expected quite a bit more whining or crazy escape maneuvers. Maybe even some scratching in an attempt to remove their outfits. Not at all.

Clearly this was a lot of hard work and snacks were a necessity for all parties involved.

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