Soccer is back but not my math skills

Soccer season has begun again.

Once again I’m reminded the importance of a consistent workout routine.  It’s so easy to forget this when I’m sitting on my lazy bum in the comfort of my own home.  However, remove said comfort and replace it with “running” up and down a soccer field and my bum is no longer comfy.  It hurts.  Everything hurts.

I’m also reminded of what results from high stress and my verbose nature.  So far I’ve been able to hold off on commenting on the dew levels of the grass during awkward moments.  Seriously.

I did however have an altogether different moment.  It was a close game.  We were up, then tied, then I thought we were down by one.  We only had a few minutes left in the game.

You could say I have a hard time keeping track of scores, rounds, numbers  – particularly when it has to happen in conjunction with athletic activity.  I once ran an extra lap during a 5K because I lost count.  Was that lap 3 or am I starting lap 3?  Or is it lap 4?  I think that girl in front of me is on lap 3 so I must be on lap 3, right?

So it’s not shocking that I would lose count of the score of the game.  When my team mates started cheering as the game ended, I couldn’t help but think they were taking the loss pretty well.  A little too well.  Which of course led me to think we must have tied.  I could see how we would celebrate a tie.  Then I realized that we had actually won.  I really have to find a way to track numbers.  I hear mnemonics work.  Maybe I can associate our goals with cute shoes….

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