Too bad Siri sounds like Patty

So the new iPhone is out.  Apparently everyone was disappointed.  Oh well.  And then, Apple rolled out Siri.  Tah Dah.

I wonder if they really wanted to name it Suri, but couldn’t because that name was already taken?  The name is beside the point, what I can’t get past is the voice.  It’s not weird, it just reminds me of Patty.   Just wait until Patty starts talking on the video below, then you can stop the video.  Warning at 50 seconds the first cuss word is dropped.  Save your ears, stop the video right after Patty talks.

Since Siri and Patty sound a lot a like, I ‘m having a hard time concentrating on the revolutionary technology that was just announced.  All I can think is does the same person that created Patty work at Apple?  Is that what they do in their spare time?  Wait….are Apple and people who make funny Crossfit videos trying to take over the world together?  Do Apple people Crossfit?  or do Crossfit people tend to love Apple products?  The trail continues.  I’m pretty sure that’s not what Apple intended.

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