Farewell genius

I’m not one to mourn public figures.  But last night, my heart was sad hearing about Steve Jobs passing.  Sure I kid about how much I love Apple products and that sometimes I bow to the west.  Not really.  Ok, just a little.  But besides the beauty and the greatness that I believe the product line to be, the man is an inspiration.  Products, bad press and people’s judgements aside, I was in awe of the Apple creator.  I’m sure he wasn’t perfect, flawed like the rest of us.  He probably made a lot of mistakes along the way.  Regardless, I was simply amazed at his courage.  The courage to step out on a limb, to do things differently.  The courage to suffer public humiliation, get up and keep going and to grow from it.

Sure the products were cool.  Everyone wanted one.  But the man behind them was pretty inspiring.

In his passing, I’m reminded that we get this one life.  Just one.  How will I spend it?

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