My daughter is totally in to birthdays.  I mean she’s really in to her birthday more than anything.  So much so that uninviting you from her birthday party is her go to threat.  It looks a lot like this.

I’m not getting my way.  Fine.  You’re not invited to my birthday party.

Which I then have to break the news to her that if mommy and daddy are not invited to her birthday party, then it’s very likely that she won’t be having a birthday party.  Immediately following this any and all threats are retracted.

Tonight we stopped at the grocery store to pick up a sweet treat for my boss’ birthday.  Lola was thrilled to be part of this errand.  Because, well, she loves birthdays.  So the difficult part was explaining to her that there was no birthday party at work.  As much as she loves her own birthday party, she most definitely does not want to miss someone else’s party.  She didn’t quite grasp the concept that there was no actual party.  I’m pretty sure she’s convinced I’m holding out on her.  She most likely thinks I’m secretly going to enjoy cake, balloons, and prizes without her.  If she only knew.

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