Home Made 80s Halloween

I’m not sure why, other than to say she has exceptional taste, but my daughter is an avid fan of 80s cartoons.  I think it all began with a fascination for the old school Sesame Street counting song.  I didn’t even grow up with Sesame Street, so it’s not like I was trying to influence her.

Then it got serious.  She didn’t exactly ease into it either.  She went straight for the hard stuff – She-Ra, Jem and My Little Ponies.  You might think I had something to do with it, being as how these were my favorite shows growing up.  You might even wonder if I somehow planted these shows.   As if I were that clever.  As our daughter likes to point out, her brain is big.  So, she came up with this all on her own.

The question to ask is what usually happens when Halloween rolls around?  Kids want to dress up like the characters they watch.  Well, my child watches She-Ra, Princess of Power.  So, naturally, she would want to be She-Ra.

Did anyone else notice all the She-Ra costumes available at Target and Wal-Mart?  No?  Me neither.  That’s because She-Ra costumes for kids don’t exist.  I thought about buying a skater’s She-Ra costume (I know, who skates to She-Ra) outfit from Etsy, but it was $70.  For a one-time costume?  No way.

So, I made it.  Let’s be clear – I used lots of t-shirt material to put this together.  I would also say, don’t look too close.  Lots of frayed edges.  I was counting on it getting dark early.  All in all, the child was happy and I didn’t go crazy trying to pull this off.

Just in case you’re not 100% sure, She-Ra is in the middle.

By the way, the headdress lasted only a few seconds.  MOMMY.  I have glitter on me.  Quite possibly it might be due to the insane amount of glitter I used to cover the purple foam.  Foam is great, flexible yet holds its form when piled high with glitter.


Close enough,right?

3 thoughts on “Home Made 80s Halloween

  1. My 2 (almost 3) year old daughter loves She-Ra thanks to Netflix & I was glad to see that she’s not the only one! She wants a She-Ra costume for Halloween and I’m sure I need to get cracking on it soon. So adorable.

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