Today’s Obsession…Braids

It’s official.  I’m obsessed with braids.  I don’t necessarily have the hair length or thickness to get the braid I want, but that doesn’t stop me. 

I blame pinterest and my early childhood memories of braiding my Barbie’s hair.  I also blame my daughter’s Barbie Dolls.  It seems as though everything has come full circle.  I think it’s the crazy fly away Barbie hair that feeds the need to braid, but I digress.

I mean how can you not want this hair. (or that hair color) (or that feather tattoo on her arm)


 Or this….

If you don’t know how to braid and want to learn, I suggest you get one of these.

Fake Barbie Head is much more forgiving than your child.  Trust me.  Of course once you try braiding on a real human you may forget that it hurts when you pull hair too tight.  Another benefit to Barbie Head, you arms will not get as tired.  I suggest you start lifting weights or find a way to braid in an upside down position.  

If you are now obsessed and would like to spend every waking moment practicing braiding techniques,  set appropriate limits.  Please note that I would not suggest taking Barbie Head to work.  Not only will everyone wonder what’s really in your coffee cup, but the chances of you getting caught (even if it is your lunch break) by your boss is a sure thing.  Let’s just say you have a better chance of getting caught than Pam Anderson has of playing the Virgin Mary in a Christmas Special.  Oh wait, spoke too soon.

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