Elf on a Shelf

I am SOOOO tempted to get an Elf on a Shelf.  But then I think I could put those $30 to good use somewhere else.  But then I log in to Pinterest.  I see all the fun things you can do with elf and I want to do those fun things too.

Here he is playing Angry Birds…

And here he is coloring

And as if these super cute elf on a shelf ideas weren’t enough, just talk to your friends.  One of my friends tied fishing string to his arm to make it move.  Her little boy was amazed.

AND if a cute elf causing harmless mischief around the house is not enough, there’s the PG-13 version of the elf.  Thanks to lilblueboo.com for providing these great ideas.

Graffiti elf

Overconsumption elf

Hilarious.  People are so creative.

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