Christmas Tree Toppers

Christmas Tree Toppers elude me.  For whatever reason I am completely and totally unsatisfied with the current or past offerings. 

1.  The choices are limited.  Star or Angel.  And usually there’s some sort of LED filament/fiber involved.  I just can’t spend the money.  It doesn’t seem worth it.

2.  Money.  These things are expensive.  I mean you can usually get away with buying cheap ornaments but a cheap tree topper looks like a cheap tree topper.

3.  They do no fit on top of the tree right.  My current topper is totally askew. 

Our current topper is a blue glitter spirally star.  I know, it sounds as awful as it looks, but it was the best I could do based on price and selection.  I did spy an Eiffel Tower topper at Pottery Barn, but then I would have to have an all Parisian theme.  That’s probably not going to happen.  I like my Peruvian ornaments. 

And as if my dilemma didn’t have enough obstacles, every Christmas my husband makes mention that we need a new topper.  And then I saw this….

It doesn’t really match the Peruvian ornaments, but it certainly is unique.  Sure it’s costly, but isn’t all lobster a bit pricey?


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