Getting those creative juices flowing…

There are moments that pass when I feel like I score a negative number on the creative scale.  Where is my head?  Where is the passion?  What am I doing to create something new and exciting that didn’t exist before?  As you can tell these moments are accompanied by high drama.  These moments are also preceded by too much time on Pinterest.  Or time spent reading some person’s blog about how they are living abroad, have created the most delicious recipe or are just simply saving the world.  Little things really.  It can truly deflate a person’s creative ego.  Truly.

But last night, I most certainly created.  Of course I can’t take all the credit.  Both instances were at the prompting of my child.

Lola: Mommy, can you give Gallup a makeover?  (asked about twenty times)

I had no choice but to give in.  Not because I was feeling creative, but because she would have asked me twenty more times until I gave in.  Initially I tried to just add the boa.  My efforts were returned with an emphatic, No, Mommy.  I think Gallup turned out pretty nice.  You can’t really see it, but there were stickers involved.

The second creative moment followed closely after Gallup’s makeover.  My daughter proceeded to force me to pick a page to color.  Non-negotiable these demands Lola has on creativity.  Definitely does not take no for an answer.  It’s probably better that way.

I know it’s amazing.  You’re even thinking of pinning it.  It’s ok, but don’t forget I couldn’t have gotten here without the help of my toddler.  I guess you just have to do.  Even if it’s at the prompting of a toddler.  There is no telling what she will ask me to do next.

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