The Original Hipster

I’ve been told that I could be considered a hipster.  I wish.  I wish I was that cool.  I’ve seen hipsters.  I’m so not that cool.  I don’t even own that many skinny jeans.

When I was ordering my Warby Parkers, I ran across this post below on Dads are the Original Hipsters.

Your dad wore Warby Parker glasses before you did and he has the dog tags to prove it. His eye wear swag was government issued sex appeal, which made him the Marine Sergeant of style. The moniker “BCG’s” never applied to his frames because ladies formed lines to let him take a look. From Virginia to the Viet Cong, he showed the world a new kind of street style – his enlisted swag.

So hipsters, when you’re trying on your box full of frames in Photobooth on your Mac and you’re trying to decide which pair makes you look most ironic, remember this…

Your dad earned his style from being bad… at seeing that is.

Thank to all the Veterans today for your service and sacrifice. Special thanks to Frank too (pictured above).

The original hipster.  I think back and I’m pretty sure until 2000,my dad was rockin’ some Original Warby glasses.  Check him out – original hipster.

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