Spring is just around the corner….

It’s time to pull out the Caftans.  Or not.

There are things in life that I love.  Unconventional things.  Things that are not really meant for me, but I wish they were.  Caftans are on this list.  Not so much unconventional as they are unflattering.  Although, rethinking it, they are slightly unconventional.  I’m pretty sure that with that amount of fabric, you’re bound to get caught in a door, snagged on a hook or dragged down by a toddler or pet.  How much fun is it to grab on to mommy’s excess fabric on her clothes?  Apparently lots of fun. 

But it’s so hard to not want a Caftan when I see a picture like this… In case you have NO idea what I’m talking about when I say Caftan – it’s the second from the left and the last one on the right.

Look how happy they look in their flowy, totally unflattering but incredibly girlie and comfy Caftans.  I’m pretty sure it could also be categorized as a man repeller outfit.  That’s right ladies, unless you plan on wearing your Caftan over an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny bikini and shed said Caftan in the two seconds after your man spots you, your man is sure to be repelled.  Don’t even think that belting it will somehow give you an amazing silhoutte.  But I really want one.

Then the other thing that comes to mind is retired hollywood stars.  I don’t know why, but I picture the likes of Zsa Zsa Gabor wearing these Caftans.  Vintage is the new black, right?!?  Retired Hollywood stars are vintage, right?  I could totally pull this off?  Forget what I said about not belting it.  Belt it and add bangles for good measure!  Lots of bangles.

Or maybe I should just try to find some similar patterns in a more flattering dress style. 

Or just be unconventional and wear my Warby Parkers to boot.  And burn some patchouli.

One thought on “Spring is just around the corner….

  1. totally funny! BTW i have some “vintage” caftans in my closet. ( I kept them for Halloween parties when we dress like the 60″s) ..you can check out the next time you all come down! HA!

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