Thanks to my friends

I recently revamped my back up to my back up system.  Read:  I purchased a new external hard drive and screwed up all my media files.  So because of this, I was forced to start from scratch with my iTunes playlist – every last one.  The positive side is that I get to rediscover owned music that I haven’t heard in over a year.  And because I have this amazing new tiny external hard drive, I can do this all from the comfort of my couch while watching the latest zombie or everyday person turn drug dealer/drug trafficker tv show.  I lead a pretty awesome life.  I know.  And by the way, if you’re considering a life of drug trafficking, these shows would seem to indicate that crime doesn’t pay.  And as for zombies, I really hope that never happens.  I’m a terrible shot.

I’m doing my best to take my time with this process so as not to miss anything.  As I was working through song titles beginning with B, a song by the title of Beautiful came on, a song written and performed by a dear friend of ours.  This morning I couldn’t help but think how thankful for the presence of this singer/songwriter/writer/web developer/creative person and his family in our lives.  Which then of course got me thinking about all of my friends. 

Starting with my closest and bestest friend, my hubbie.  To quote a recent favorite writer Po Bronson, “I used to treasure the innocence of first love.  Now I treasure the hard-fought.”  Ours is a hard-fought love.  Best of friends don’t get to this point without some battles.  Ten years of marriage and 14 years of friendship – it’s impossible for two people full of opposing likes and dislikes to do life together without moments of sleeping on the couch, shouting matches, hurtful words alongside moments of hilarity, happiness and overflowing love.  He puts up with the craziness, the beat a dead horse conversations, the opposite to his very nature moments and shares the willingness to move forward.

My girlfriends, some of which also happen to be moms.  These ladies come in a variety of forms – best friends from college, past colleagues, neighbors, church friends, my daughter’s friends moms, “sister wives”, book club members, workout friends and current co-workers.  I truly don’t know how I would have survived this far without you.  The ability to be honest, ask questions, commiserate, read together, drink together, eat together all the while trying to figure out the best way to live life and love our kids is under-rated.  Everyone needs these friends.  How do you survive without them?  I have no idea.

My soccer friends.  You guys are beautiful and bring a level of sanity and insanity on and off that field of grass.  It is truly a beautiful thing.  I’m so thankful for the crazy sport we share and the joy it brings to this piss poor soccer player’s life.

My co-workers.  If not for the laughter, the random singing of Reflections and Mahna Mahna, sharing of hopes and dreams, cheese fondue, general craziness, moments of hip hop dancing, hair braiding, venting sessions, Chicsgiving and Chicsmas, “not everyone’s a winner”, NICE,  early morning set up sessions, Michael Jackson meetings, and philosophical lunches I would be a much, much sadder person.  Much.

For any friend past or present.. You’ve gifted me with encouraging words, support, prayers, a listening ear, hugs, smiles, general silliness and truth.  I consider writing this blog both thrilling and deathly scary.  Or sharing anything that lives in the depths of my being thrilling and scary – including but not limited to my crazy obsession with technology, boots and caftans.  The fact that you’ve supported and encouraged me in the day-to-day business of life is beyond words.  Insert Golden Girls theme song. “Thank you for being a friend.”

Family.  It’s not always easy to be related, is it?  We didn’t really get to choose each other, so of course it’s not that easy.  Thanks for sticking it out. 

To all friends past and present.  Thank you for existing.  I know I’m not always the best and can often be a total flake, but without you my life would be less.  Much less. 

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