Today’s Obsession…neon

It’s not quite the 80s, but neon is in full effect this Spring.  Seriously.  Neon colors are everywhere.  Everywhere.   I LOVE IT.  Maybe because I already own some plain neon tees that always seem a little too bright, but make me happy nonetheless.  Now I have a totally valid excuse beside the happy argument.  Or maybe it’s just because I loved the 80s.  I didn’t necessarily love the 80s while I was living through them, but I love them now as I look back.

Tight rolled jeans, neon colors, insane bangs, the music (the amazing music), the works.  What’s not to love?

With that, I ran across some neon this weekend….LOVE the muted colors mixed with neon.



 What about this neon yellow and gray?  Love.








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