Words I commonly misspell

Confession – I had to type misspell to see if I spelled it correctly.  It looked weird, ok.  Another confession, I’m a TOTAL word nerd.  No really, I love words, their origin, meaning, structure, etc.  I love words so much that sometimes I go overboard when I’m questioned about the meaning of a word.  I’ve been known to do a crazy sumo wrestler fighter stance as a told you so victory dance because I “knew” the definition of a word.  I didn’t really know the full definition, just have a feeling.  I know it’s weird and crazy and somewhat ludicrous that a person would even use a Sumo wrestler stance as a victory dance.  Which is why I think it’s weird I have such a disregard for spelling.  I’m a terrible speller and rely entirely too much on spell check.  And I by no means have an extensive vocabulary.  It would be safe to say that more often than not I recite “I before E except after C” or dessert is double s, as in strawberry shortcake many times throughout the day.  Don’t judge.  Among these are words that I refuse to get right.

professional – this word dates back to my college days when I had to fill out an application for student teaching placement.  I apparently overused the word and misspelled it while I was at it.  I don’t know if I added two f’s or just one s, but it was wrong.  Now I constantly question it when I type.

Stationary – The paper kind.  I really want to use an e.  I don’t know why.  Why do there have to be two words?  It hardly seems fair for someone who loves paper as much as I do.  As I type this I’m questioning if I even used the right word.  Is it e or is it a?  I don’t fully know.

Anything that has an i, e or c.  I pretty much misspell those words pretty frequently which is why spell check is my best friend.

But my most common spelling errors are often the result of a mutlti-tasking braing and slow typing fingers.  For example, the word I most often misspell is my own name.

Rosa.  It’s not that I have issue with spelling my own name.  It’s only four letters people, but for whatever reason I manage to butcher it and spend endless moments typing and retyping my name.  Roda, Riosa, Risa, Raiosjds.  The list goes on.  My spelling needs help, but maybe I should refresh my typing skills.  It’s a thought.

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