Dinner in NY photography…

I’m fascinated by the stories photography can tell.  Not so much posed pictures though those have beauty in and of themselves, but I love the candid shots.  The shots capturing emotions – open wide, laughing too hard moment, a breaking moment and everything in between.  There’s something so revealing about these moments about life.  A colleague at work shared Miho Aikawa’s recent work photographing New Yorkers eating.  Storytelling at its best.

Among some of my favorites….

An all too familiar scene except mine involves two 70 lb dogs not a cute overweight cat.

And then there’s the girl eating straight from the pot.  I like it because if ever left to my own devices, I turn into the stereotypical bachelor.  I drink straight from the juice container and might possibly eat ramen for most meals.

I mostly like this picture because of the clear plastic table-cloth.  It brings back fond memories of summers in Peru where the table-cloth had a top layer of clear plastic.

To see the full collection, click on this link –  Miho Aikawa Photography. 

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