Happy Valentine’s Day

I’m not one to really celebrate Valentine’s Day.  But with a 4-year-old in the house, you get swept up in most holidays and Valentine’s Day is no different.  So the past few weeks have been about hearts, candy and flowers.

The other day, Lola asked me what I was getting her for Valentine’s Day.  You’ve got to give her credit for being direct.  I told her I wasn’t sure.  To which she replied by saying that SHE was getting me something.  When the direct approach doesn’t work, go for the guilt trip.  This was a great opportunity to let her know that we give to give not to get.  Somehow I’m not so confident that it made sense since she made it a point to recount exactly what she was getting me for Valentine’s Day:  A picture of her, a drawing, a stuffed animal that I could sleep with forever and ever and hugs and kisses.  How can you argue with that?

But when I think about it, everyday is about hearts, candy and flowers.  It’s about giving and loving on anyone and anything.  For example:

As we’re driving by the new Firehouse on the way to daycare.

Lola:  Mommy, the fireman house is almost done.

Me:  I know.  Isn’t that awesome?  (What else is it if not awesome?  When it comes to parenting isn’t everything awesome?)

Lola:  It is awesome.  What should we do?

Me:  I don’t know.  What do you think we should we do? (Notice the amazing parenting technique of turning it back on the kid to come up with the solution.  I know.  It’s awe-inspiring.)

Lola:  We should go visit the firemen.  Say hello to them and give them all hugs.

DISCLAIMER:  While I think this is a great idea, I’m pretty sure I will never be able to convince anyone that this idea was not brought on at my prompting.  Who would believe that?  I wouldn’t believe me.

Me:  That sounds great.  You know what else we could do?  We could make the firemen cookies.  (We really need to have a better plan than to present ourselves at the firehouse and say that we’re there to give hugs.  Again, no one will believe that wasn’t my doing.  So much for letting Lola come up with the solution.)

Lola:  I LOVE it. 

The discussion then turns to the type of cookies.

Perfect.  So Happy Love Day.  Ask for a gift, but don’t forget to give someone a gift and best of all hug a fireman.

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